Hatchet History

The newspaper’s name refers to the American folk tale about our first president and telling the truth to his father: as a boy George Washington chopped down a cherry tree (GW yearbook) with hisĀ hatchet, but he could not tell a lie.

The Hatchet reorganized during the summer of 1993 as an independent not-for-profit corporation, and over ten Editors in Chief have served as the president of the corporation. The Board of Directors has four students (three who work for The Hatchet), 1 professor and 4 alumni (business, journalism, legal fields, alumnus). The general manager and our attorney are non-voting members. The Board meets four times a year to approve the new editor in chief and vote on budget and other issues.

The editor in chief is nominated by the outgoing editorial board and confirmed/vetoed by the Board of Directors. While the Board is legally responsible for the content of the newspaper (editorial and advertising), the responsibility of final proofing and approval of each issue is delegated to the editor in chief.

The Hatchet has a contract with the University to provide two issues per week (free to readers). The University in return provides various services including the use of a town house. Univeristy departments and student groups pay for their ads as well, but at a discounted rate.

Growth in the undergraduate enrollment has led the Hatchet to increase to 12,000 copies per issue.