Fall update from The GW Hatchet Alumni Assocation

October 31, 2013 by Hatchet Alumni

Happy Halloween from The GW Hatchet Alumni Association!

No tricks here, this news is just a treat.
The D.C. government has finally issued a building permit for The Hatchet’s new townhouse! This exciting development allows the Home for The Hatchet organization to begin construction on the paper’s new home and begin planning for the move – currently scheduled for this spring.

As you may have read in The New York Times today, the newsroom has been sponsored by Berl Brechner, the editor in chief in 1967. There have also been donations for the editor in chief and business manager’s office.

Ken Chaletzky, a Hatchet board member who is heading up Home for The Hatchet campaign, said the permit will allow the paper to turn the four-level, more than 100-year old townhouse located on F Street into a modern facility. You can see the blueprints and the floor plans at homeforthehatchet.org.

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In the spotlight: The Hatchet.
The Hatchet has been doing an amazing job covering a trove of controversies and scandals at GW this fall, and holding the University accountable to the GW community. The GWHAA is very proud that the current staff has drawn on its instructional knowledge and gusto to lead the coverage nationally on dean resignations and the recent announcement that GW has misled students on its need-blind policies. That story was picked up by ThinkProgress, Business Insider, MSNBC and CNN.

Jeremy Diamond, the news editor who broke the story, told GWHAA that a solid understanding of GW and dedication to a beat – drilled into him by a series of editors – helped him uncover the truth. “My editors have continuously and repeatedly drilled the importance of good sourcing into my head. And so, before I even started digging into this story, I already had one of the key elements to put it together. Coupled with a thorough understanding of the admissions and financial aid beats, I was able to take a rare moment of transparency from a GW administrator, and run with it.”

Lauren and Becky