August update from GWHAA

August 23, 2013 by Hatchet Alumni

We hope you’re having an incredible August (and a quiet one if you’re D.C.).

With a new Hatchet year comes a changing of the guard for The GW Hatchet Alumni Association. Becky Reeves worked for Vol. 107 as a copy editor and Lauren French was the editor in chief for Vol. 107 and Vol. 108.

We’re incredibly excited to help out with the alumni association – and we’re even more excited to get to know our ever-growing group of alumni.

First, housekeeping:

The GWHAA’s first event of the year will be Sept. 26, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Big Hunt in Dupont Circle. This overlaps with GW’s Alumni Weekend! We’ll send additional event details soon. And please let us know if you’re coming into town.

We will follow up with an event in New York City for all of the Big Apple-based alumni. If you’re located in another city with a bunch of former Hatcheteers, let us know so we can work on holding a happy hour near you.


An artist’s rendering of the new Hatchet townhouse.

The Hatchet’s new home:

As many of you know, the newspaper is in the process of renovating a new townhouse just off campus. As a Hatchet-owned building, the new offices will help meet the paper’s evolving staffing and production needs. It will also provide a meeting place for future alumni gatherings.

The Hatchet goes weekly:

This week, The Hatchet officially moved to a weekly publication schedule. The paper’s current Editor in Chief Cory Weinberg, the paper’s staff and The Hatchet’s Board of Directors have decided this is best course of action in light of declining ad revenue and increasing print production costs.

This is a big, yet smart move for the paper. This will allow the staff of Vol. 110 to modernize the way it produces news and to better provide content to its readers online.

This change comes as The Hatchet’s publishes its first issue of the new school year. There is more information about the printing change as well as a very smart story by Sarah Ferris looking at how GW is changing its ways as students act less like pupils and more like consumers.

Where are you?

One of the GWHAA’s main goals it to help mentor the current staff and build a tight-knit group of alumni. To accomplish both of these goals, we need to know where you are and what you’re up to. Please take a second and update your contact and work information here.

And if you’re interested in getting involved with training or mentoring the current staff, please let us know.

You’ll be hearing more from us about upcoming events and the GWHAA at large – and we hope to hear from you.


Lauren and Becky